Digitization in Construction Industry

The construction industry is on the verge of reaching an all-new echelon. Industry players are embracing advanced technologies to bring digitization in the construction industry.

Let’s dive deep into the points that highlight the importance of wearable technology and why they are a major component of the construction technology bracket.

3 most Popular Types of Construction Wearable Tech and their Uses:

Wearable tech is one of the most absorbable classes of construction technology that excites the most agile construction business leaders and drives digitization in construction industry. Due to the convenient connection that they establish between AI, human bodies and human senses, they are known to facilitate productivity and functionality.

Here are three categories of wearable technologies that are taking the construction industry by storm.

  • Smart Glasses

These are a very popular category of wearable tech construction innovations. Many global leaders have dipped their toes in the market with construction-specific smart glasses and they have gotten a good response.

Smart glasses intensify control, connection, and security in the digital construction fields by giving managers a live virtual view of work. This enables managers to keep tabs on productivity, precision, and security and can also train the on-field workers.

  • Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is capable of breaking the distractions caused by climate and weather by cutting their effect on human bodies through cooling and heating-equipped suits. Smart construction boots track fatigue and help reduce it with the help of several features.

  • Sensors

Wearable tech sensors can occupy a separate category or can be counted among the features of the pre-mentioned categories.

Many smart belts, shoes, helmets, glasses, clothes, and other wearable technology come fastened with sensors that are capable of tracking and assembling the data related to location, temperatures, faults, movements, etc.

From the above paragraph, the following three roles of wearable technologies – in bringing digitization in construction industry – can be concluded:

  • Increased efficacy
  • Better worker safety
  • Improved productivity

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