Econanosil Eco 2 Skim coat plaster is an innovative nanocomposite product. It is particularly suitable against heat loss in walls, ensuring efficient thermal insulation of both indoor and outdoor vertical walls in public and commercial buildings (including ceilings, balconies, overhangs, concrete structures, etc.)

This product is characterized by high performance thermal insulation capacity of the patented nanomolecule and leveling properties of the skim coat plaster, particularly suitable in case of irregularities and imperfections on the surfaces to be treated.

The resulting extremely thin smoothing protection dramatically reduces heat loss, thus reducing the internal/external thermal shock.

A breathable, waterproof, durable protection, suitable on any type of surface, makes the walls particularly resistant to corrosion and protects them from the formation of new mold and fungus, providing for considerable energy savings in your home and improving the quality of life.

Products are certified according to applicable UNI EN standards for Italy and Europe