DELTA MORTAR consists of selected crushed limestone mixed with graded sand maximum grain size 1.2 mm and special polymerized additives to improve consistency, workability and adhesion to all types of substrates.

Delta Mortar (Thin Bed Ready Mixed mortar)

Delta Mortar is high quality cement based, polymer-modified premixed dry thin bed mortar for optimum building AAC blocks masonry walls. It contains cement, silica sand and additives. It has strong adhesive characteristics on all substrates. DELTA BLOCK MORTAR can be applied for interior and exterior use on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It complies with ANSI and European standards EN and has many advantages including:

  • Higher compressive and shear strength.
  • Acting as a thermal barrier for joint, thus enhancing the thermal insulation and fire resistance properties.
  • Eliminating material waste.
  • Increasing productivity onsite.
  • High quality control system for raw material selection and products testing.
  • Exact mixing ratios (scales and weighing process) with controlled mixing method.
  • Economic, fast and easy to use (mix & apply), only addition of water is required.
  • Excellent bonding, crack free, high resistance to water and extreme weather conditions.
  • It is suitable for dry and wet areas, internally and externally.
  • Non shrinkage mortar.

Application Procedures:

  • Remove dust, oil, grease, loose materials & paints which may affect adhesion with the substrate or the blocks.
  • AAC blocks must be clean and free from dust.
  • AAC blocks must be well treated by spraying the surface with clean water before application.
  • Put 7 – 8 liters of clean water in a suitable pot, then add one bag of DELTA BLOCK MORTAR gradually and mix for 3 minutes using a mechanical mixer till the mixture is uniform and free of lumps.
  • Let the composition stand for about 10 minutes and mix again.
  • The product now is ready for application by special tool (Notched Trowel).
  • If the mortar in the pot starts to harden, do not add extra water; just remix till it turns back to the desired consistency.
  • While applying, the thickness of the joints should not exceed 2 millimeters (Easily obtained by using specific Delta Trowels).
  • Tools and equipment shall be washed and cleaned with water directly after use.
  • Fresh mortar can be removed with water, but once hardened only mechanical removal is possible.

Delta Block and Delta Adhesive System:

Our products (Delta Block and Delta Mortar) offer to the customer a new building system. With this system you create a Low Energy House with efficient solutions.The basic components of this wall building system are: Delta Block, Delta Mortar and adhesives.

The advantages of using the Delta Block-Delta Mortar building system are numerous:

  • Economy: Resulting from the avoidance of wasting of big quantities of different and sometimes useless materials.
  • Productivity: The application of the system is made with mechanical means, increasing with this way the productivity of the application teams and therefore decreasing labor.
  • Supply: the user of the Delta Block building system does not need to address at different suppliers-distributors, wasting with this way his precious time.
  • Perfect Construction: The Delta Block building system is a guaranteed solution with tested results.
  • Healthy Living Conditions: by using our building system you ensure the healthy living conditions within the building since all the products provide the masonry breathing, thermal insulation, sound and water insulation.
  • Environment: all the products of our building system protect the environment. All the products are packed and transported easily.