is a single component, moisturecuring, high tack & high-grip adhesive based on hybridpolymer. It has excellent adhesion to wood, metal,concrete, ceramic, mirrors, composite, gypsum, stoneetc. CEMTEC FIX-IT FAST replaces the drilling andnailing of concrete substrates.CEMTEC FIX-IT FAST quickly develops adhesivestrength due to the latest hybrid technology.

For fixing and bonding various building constructionmaterials without using mechanical or nailing equipment.

As elastic adhesive for panels and other articles on the mostcommon substrates like woods, chipboards, etc.


Easy to use, being one component system.

Very high initial tack and high grab property(no primer required)Good workability – included with triangularshape nozzle.Excellent adhesion to different construction materials;stones, wood, decorative materials, panels, mirror etcRemain elastic even in cold weather.Excellent UV resistant and water resistant.Suitable for interior and exterior application.Free from solvent and isocyanates.