More than half of the global population resides in cities and it is predicted that urban areas could expect a 70% increase in population by 2020. Given that urbanized areas are major contributors to pollution and greenhouse effect, the need for a reliable sustainability check system like green building rating is indispensable.

In addition, buildings are considered major consumers of energy in cities. Research reveals that buildings account for 30-40% of total energy and 70% of electrical energy consumption. The scarcity of resources causes the need for a sustainability check to forge the path for a better future.

Concept of Green Building:

The World Green Building Council defines green building as a building that – in its design, construction or function – mitigates or eliminates negative impacts on climate and natural environment. Furthermore, a green building holds the power to preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life.

Green Building System as a tool for Reliable Sustainability Rating

Despite various government, academic, private, and public sector initiatives for sustainability implementation, it is still a global concern. Countries share common issues related to the lack of resources, increasing global warming, greenhouse emissions, pollution, etc.

Among all of the rating systems, the green building system caters to socioeconomic, environmental, and many other aspects, thereby evolving as one of the most reliable systems to monitor unsustainable building practices.

The Impact of Green Building Rating System on Sustainability:

Environmental Impact

The implementation of a green building rating system in several countries has led to positive changes by minimizing greenhouse impact and maximizing energy and water saving.

Economic Impact

Green Building projects at international and national levels have led to an increase in employment opportunities and reduced energy utilization.

Health Impact

Many surveys have revealed that green building projects have positive physiological and psychological impacts on human health, thereby reducing the stress level and improving mental health.

Build Green for a Healthier, Sustainable Future

Given the current scenario of the building industry, preventative steps are significant to steer towards a sustainable urban landscape. Green Building standards should be fulfilled ideally to make buildings more suitable for human as well as environmental health.

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