From the construction of a wall in 2004 to building a double-story house in 2020, this contour crafting technology has already come a long way. The global 3D printing market size touched USD 9.9 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to reach USD 34.8 billion by 2024.

The 3D printing construction technology, despite being in its infancy, is earning significant traction among global construction giants. It is opined to be one of the technologies to steer digitization in construction industry.

Benefits of 3D Concrete Printing to the Construction Projects

  • Exceptionally Efficient With “Form Follows Function”

The 3D concrete technology simplifies the construction of complex building structures whose shape reflects their function. Such construction with conventional concrete formwork can be challenging to implement and monitor.

  • Mitigates Construction Costs

The evolving technology is capable of reducing the quantity and number of materials and labor teams required for the construction. It also leads to a reduction in material waste.

  • Machine-perfect, Flawlessly Fabricated Structures

The automated contour crafting process escalates the quality of construction. With a digitized process, the chances of human errors are minimized.

  • Easy Construction of Customized and Complex Designs

The incredible modern building technique is favorable for the construction of challenging and diverse projects. Apart from simplifying the process of demanding designs, it can also offer enough strength and durability to the building structures to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.

  • Time-saving

Unlike humans who can get tired, 3D printers can work continuously for a longer period. Many construction companies leveraging this technique claim to print a single-story house in just two days. The two-story house constructed by Europe’s largest 3D concrete printer is claimed to be printed in three weeks. The team added that the period can be reduced to two days in the future.

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