How the website works?

Please see the steps explained in the “how the site works". We have explained all the steps in details for the buyers, sellers and the architects (consultants)

Who is this website designed for?

Everyone in the construction industry, buyers, sellers, consultants and service providers to the construction industry.

What are the benefits of using this website?

This marketplace is designed for the construction industry community comprising of three key players building material suppliers (including manpower and equipment), buyers (contractors and developers), and architects (consultants). The benefits of such are evident in the following section.

Is there any benefit to me (as a seller) for signing up on this website?

It allows building material suppliers to reach a bigger audience (such that they can add distribution partners through better product visibility using this platform

Is there any benefit to me (as a buyer) for signing up on this website?

Allows buyers to find building material from suppliers who otherwise may remain obscured, we also have digitized the procurement and pre-sales workflow approval process by bringing all three key parties, buyer, seller and consultant together as they go through approvals and finalize the quotation (through finalization of the LOI).

Is there any benefit to me (as a consultant / architect) for signing up on this website?

Besides doing the approvals, architects can also engage with the community and share their ideas with the community.