About us

We belong to the construction industry and have served with various leading building material suppliers in the Middle East. And therefore, wellaware of the industry problems faced by the buyers and sellers.

This marketplace solves some of the inherent challenges by bringing buyers and seller through effective digitation of the material search, suchthat sellers (manufacturers and distributors) can list their products across multiple geographic boundaries and without limitation to their localpresence. Hence, this marketplace creates a more regional and then international reach for suppliers looking to enter new constructionmarkets.

Besides creating a robust marketplace which creates transparency and enables buyer’s procurement departments to procure non-standardmaterials request in a seamless fashion, we have incorporated a state of the art approval workflow in the website such that buyers have theoption for inviting consultants (architecture firms) to review the materials and the specifications and based on their approval (feedback), thebuyer can move forward with material request. And our scope isn’t limited to just building materials. It covers labor services and buildingequipment as well so all suppliers in the building material space can take advantage of this marketplace to further digitize their procurementand sales lead generation activities

So we encourage you to leverage this powerful platform by signing up and take advantage of the promotional discounted membership andlisting offers.

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