So, before we talk about the myths, here is one question that needs to be answered as early as possible.-

Should one list their products on an Online Building Material Supplier Directory?

Yes, why not?

Why do many building material businesses hesitate to put their products online for sale?

The way to digitization is not an easy go for construction and building material businesses. They have to pass through a large number of myths that stand as a roadblock in their journey.

This blog discusses two well-known myths about building material distribution businesses that must be busted to accelerate digitization in the construction industry.

Myth #1: Online selling of building materials offers Limited Scope

Despite this myth, digitization is happening gradually. Whether we talk about B2B e-commerce or B2C e-commerce in the construction material industry, we can notice some players emerging with their online selling models.

B2B e-commerce (or e-commerce targeted on contractors) being new for building material industry is an idea that will gain mass momentum in the coming years. If suppliers bring them up to code with the help of online building material supplier directory or listing websites, contractors can benefit significantly. They can be one of the few early adopters of innovation, thereby winning the leads from online traffic.

Myth #2: If You Post Something Online, It Will Sell Automatically

Anything that is online does not gain visibility by accident. There are invisible forces and performances behind that visibility. A digital marketplace that promotes building material supplier product listings to let people view your products isn’t enough. The strategic levers to drive visibility must be pulled by the service providers.

If you are relying on a third party website, always check how it can bring visibility to your products. Check their online and social media presence to see if they are putting efforts into providing a better digital experience.

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